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The scene begins as Augustin’s dad leaves with the pack loaded with waster paper and Esther abandons her home with the cash sack. Augustin’s dad was trailed by 2 police men.He misleads the emen. The men asked the sack and they began scanning for the cash clinched and they couldn’t discover anything in that. The men began beating him and he began advising everything to the men.Arunagiri went to see his father. He asked arunagiri where he gone. He replied that he was with his brothers only. Arunagiri want to talk about something to his father. He sent his maid out and asked him what happened. Arunagiri explains him what had happened at river bank.

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  1. Anonymous / May 20, 2017

    Hello direct sir unnaku kathai ellutha theriyalana thayavu seithu pl leave that story.

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