Karnan Suriya Puthiran 20-10-2016 Polimer Tv Serial Online


Shalini and her in-laws cane to meet her. Shalini swears that she didn’t do anything wrong to her. But Rithika started shouting at her madly. Everyone tries to convince Rithika but she losts her temper and badly shouted at Shalini. Ravi felt bad for Shalini and her in-laws asked her to leave that place. They all leaves that place and Ravi’s Mother started scolding Shalini.
Sindhu was fighting with her husband for the wrong report which was given by the hospital. Her Son tries convince both of them.
Meanwhile Ravi’s Mother started scolding Shalini badly that because of memory loss she was bad and also because of Shalini’s jealousy she did that to Rithika.
Ravi tries to console Rithika but she still cries and screams.

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