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At Ranvir’s room he was studying. At that time power gone and Meera told that she was not feeling well. Ravir stopped studying and went to take care of Meera asked that from where power was coming Ranvir didn’t know the answer. They decided to find answer after they grow up and study well about power. Ranvir forgot studying and done everything for Meera.After eating he got stomach upset. All the family members surrounds Muthu and started asking why Santhosh behaved like that and why he is not ready to go to Kerala and they also started asking her what had happened in the temple yesterday. Everyone started threatening her and she acts like as if she was so scred about them. Whatever they ask she repeatedly tells and acts that she doesn’t know anything. Maya telling her to commit suicide in Sign language. She started acing went to the extent to cut her tongue. Finally everyone says that they belive her and gets permission from them and leaves the place.

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