Moondru Mudichu 20-09-2016 Polimer Tv Serial Online


The children talking about conveying the puppy to home was Jothi’s thought. Priya and Ram hears it. Ram comes to Jothi and says we have to talk. He asks, whether it was her arrangement to convey the Dog to make everything okay in the middle of him and Priya. Jothi says yes. Ram says he don’t need her help and uncommonly from her and he requests that her stay far from them.Moondru Mudichu told Balu to tell her that doesn’t try to keep him in her hand.Her grandma was the reason for his character. Balu’s wife told that actor was in angry with him because he can’t get money she needed. Moondru Mudichu refused her point.Shalini started crying and tells Sekar that she wanted to separate Rithika from Ravi and she thinks that she failed and because of her activity she Rithika become so close with Ravi. Sekar tells her that he will do something to patch up with Ravi, but Shalini thanks Sekar and told him that she can handle the situation on her own. Sekar says that if at all she needs any help he is there for her and she can calls him anytime.

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