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DCP asked him about members involved in this kidnap he replied that he only knows Basker and his phone number. After getting the number she allowed him to go. She called the control room and asked the details she wants to know. As per the details she got a name Sabarathinam from muttukadu.

Prince was about to leave. He stops him and asks whether he really wanted to go. He says, yes and wanted to tell them all the truth and asks them for the forgiveness. He is coming t Raja’s house without any hesitation and very clever that he wanted to tell everyone the truth.
Everyone in the family was thinking about the incident happened. He enters the house, everyone seems to be shocked to see Prince there and meanwhile Rani comes in a white saree. They all were double shocked.

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  1. NareniSiva / September 28, 2016

    Why always picture women as the cause of the family problem. I really don’t like the way Uma’s character been pictured just because of her husband and family her total character been changed.

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