Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai 22-08-16 Vijay Tv Serial Online


Poojari tells sakthi that you are looking cheerful so much today, he said when I had been dismal to wind up upbeat today. He says since hedropping his companion securely in his home, he is upbeat and keeps on implying him the explanation behind scrutinizing this. Poojari talks about his affection with Azhagus sister. Sakthi says that he is not suitable for Azhagus sister as she is flawless lady filling in as educator yet I am not in the same class as her. Sakthi feels that he ought not give terrible name to his gang.

கல்யாணம் முதல் காதல் வரை
மஞ்சு ஜெய்யை சந்திக்க வைஷாலியிடம் சம்மதம் தெரிவிக்கிறார். தனலட்சுமி பூஜாவின் முன்னால் பிரியாவை பற்றி தவறாக பேசுகிறார். அர்ஜுன் தனது வேலையின் மூலம் அசோக்கை தோல்வி அடையச் செய்கிறான்.

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