Indian Cuisine Senai Kizhangu Roast Elephant Foot Yam Roast சேனைகிழங்கு வருவல் Samayal Kurippu in Tamil


Indian Cuisine | Senai Kizhangu Roast| Elephant Foot Yam Roast | Samayal Kurippu in Tamil

Senai Kizhangu Roast| சேனைகிழங்கு வருவல் | Elephant Foot Yam Roast | Samayal Kurippu in Tamil
Health benefits

Senai Kizhangu can be utilized to set up an assortment of dishes such as Senai Kizhangu roast,Fry, masiyal, kootu, chutney, kababs, cutlets and so forth. It is know as Elephant Foot Yam in English. Senai Kizhangu is high in fiber and is thought to be a sound low-fat sustenance. So it is said to advance weight reduction. It is a rich wellspring of crucial unsaturated fats which are known not the great cholesterol levels in the blood. The Senai Kizhangu is broadly utilized as a part of the treatment of patients experiencing piles.It is a characteristic cure for stoppage and sporadic gut movements.Senai Kizhangu are likewise a decent wellspring of vitamin B6, it gives alleviation from pre-menstrual disorder also.

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