Ponnunjal 21-12-2015 Sun Tv Serial Online


This Episode of Tamil serial happens at sowmya’s House. Sowmya is in discussion with saroja and Sowmya’s Mother. Sowmya lets them know that her arrangement had worked and her spouse is been secured by the police. Saroja is glad and feels that the wedding in the middle of suresh and sowmya would not have no obstacles and they would get them wedded. As they are genuinely examining their next arrangement.From hereafter he’ll see her with care. He assured that Surya would be good than her house. She thanked them and went out.
Surya and her husband went upstairs. Ehwari’a aunty told her that Surya’s mother was a great actor. She can’t control or gain her. Ifshe allows this then she has to face many problems. Eshwari got angry on hearing this.

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